INpersonPC is owned and operated by Maurice Dana who started it in Pittsburgh, PA about sixteen years ago. At the time he was the Help Desk Manager for National Healthcare Resources.  INpersonPC was started as a way to serve the computing community with personal service targeted to small/medium businesses and home businesses. The name comes from a desire to remedy the lack of personal service in the computing world. "We are not interested in generic solutions: we are interested in personal service delivered in person. We want to know your business and then tailor fit our services to your needs." Call now 610-410-2740
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Some of My Stage Designs
  1. Managing Director
    "Talley's Folly" detail
    Sitting in boat floating in water.
  2. Stage Design
    Setting for "Talley's Folly" by Lanford Wilson
    Don't forget to read the New York Times review for this show.
  3. Stage Design
    Setting for "Learned Ladies" by Moliere
    Designed at the University of Connecticut during studies for my MFA degree.
  4. Stage Design
    Model for a re-imagined "Trojan Women"
    The Greek classic play by Euripides transplanted to 1939 Warsaw.
  5. Managing Director
    Detail for Set Design for 'Learned Ladies" by Moliere
  6. New York Times Review
    New York Times Review
    "Maurice Dana’s design, right down to the canoe on real water, is so evocative that the setting assumes the dimension of the play’s third character."
  7. Managing Director
    "Talley's Folly" detail
    Matt Friedman falls through rotten board in floor.
  8. Stage Design
    Detail for setting for "Learned Ladies" by Moliere
  9. Stage Design
    The "Tales of Hoffmann" - Antonia
    Rendering of a scene from the opera "The Tales of Hoffmann" by Jacques Offenbach.
  10. Stage Design
    Initial pencil sketch for "The Tales of Hoffmann"
  11. Stage Design Sketch
    Pencil sketch of the setting for "The Estate" by Ray Aranha